21th European Congress of Herpetology


Every second year the SEH-European Congress of Herpetology provides an opportunity for scientists, conservationists and policy makers from Europe and abroad to get together and discuss current results and trends in the field of herpetology.   The conference will include four plenary lectures, sessions on specific fields of herpetology, special sessions, workshops, the SEH Ordinary General Meeting and excursions, as well as a rich social programme. The logo for the XXI SEH meeting was envisioned as the sillhouete of a head of the most common Serbian venomous snake, the Nose-horned viper (Vipera ammodytes) incorporated into the traditional Pirot carpet or Pirot kilim (Pirotski ćilim) pattern. Pirot is a town in eastern Serbia known for its rich history, geography, and biological diversity. Carpet and tapestry weaving in this region date back to the Middle Ages, and Pirot was for a long time recognized as the most important rug-making center in the Balkans. This tradition is listed as the Intangible cultural heritage of Serbia and Pirot carpet is regarded as one of our national symbols.


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HOTEL PALACE **** – Conference Hall (300 m from the Conference Hall)

The hotel is situated in the central part of Belgrade, 200m away from Knez Mihajlova, the main shopping street, and near Kalemegdan - Belgrade's medieval fortress and park. There is a wonderful view from the Belgrade Panorama restaurant onto the river Sava and its confluence with the Danube. The hotel has 71 rooms and 15 suites (non-smoking rooms available), two restaurants, an aperitif bar, a banquet restaurant, a TV and internet hall, a hair dresser, a tailor, an exchange office, a shop near the reception desk and a garage. Our friendly staff is always at your disposal, and we pride ourselves on making our guests our regular visitors

PRICES are in euros (€), per person, per day BB (Bed and Breakfast BUFFET service)
Type of room SINGLE DOUBLE City tax, Insurance, VAT (per person, per day)
price 48 35 +2

Hotel ROYAL INN **** (250 m from Conference Hall)

The ROYAL hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Belgrade. The hotel was built during the last century (1885) and was named “ROYAL”. The hotel changed its name to “Toplice” in the year of 1953 but in the year of 2001 the hotel restored its original name “ROYAL”. Located in Belgrade's downtown, in the Kralja Petra Street (formerly known as 7th of July), it has easy access, only few minutes’ walk to the most important cultural monuments of the city: National museum, National Theatre, Knez Mihailova Street (shopping center of Belgrade), Kalemegdan park and the fortress. The hotel has 105 rooms (apartments, single and double suites) with 180 beds, restaurant, bar, exchange office, tourist agency, shop, internet and etc.

PRICES are in euros (€), per person, per day BB (Bed and Breakfast BUFFET service)
Type of room SINGLE DOUBLE City tax, Insurance, VAT (per person, per day)
price 56 36 +2.00

Check for more info on hotel’s website link.

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National Park „Djerdap“ Sunday, SEPTEMBER 4th

Picture of Djerdap

Golubac fortress

Picture of Golubac


  • 08:00 Departure by bus or minivan to NP Djerdap
  • 09:30 Arrival at the entrance of the Iron Gate, short break for photo shooting in front of the Golubac fortress
  • 10:00 The journey continues along the Danube River, occasional breakes to visit places of interest.
  • 12:00 Arrival at Donji Milanovac, visit to the National Park Administration, field work
  • 15:00 Arrival at Kladovo, lunch
  • 17:00 The return journey to Belgrade
  • 18:00 Visit to the LEPENSKI VIR archeological site, resuming the journey
  • 21:00 Return to Belgrade

The price of the excursion includes:

  • Bus or minivan transport
  • Lunch
  • Ticket for archeological site LEPENSKI VIR
RATE PER PERSON € 45 Remarks Duration time: one day,
Minimum participants: 10



(Mountains, lakes, river canyons, adventures, homemade dishes - see something wild and beautiful)

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 10th – Monday, SEPTEMBER 12th


  • 08:00 Starting from the vicinity of the “Palace” hotel. Short breaks during the ride
  • 12:00 (aproximately) Arriving at “Prsutara Zaric” to taste smoked and dried meat products

  • The most visited Serbian mountain Zlatibor, besides its beauties and health benefits also attracts visitors by its traditional gourmet specialties. The locals know how to utilize what the nature has given to their village and by preserving the tradition alive, they have set up a large number of meat processing plants, producing the famous Zlatiborska beef and pork ham, bacon, pastirma (dried lamb meat), various kinds of sausages and other delicacies specific to Zlatibor and its villages.

  • 13:00 Continue the journey to The Uvac River, Special nature reserve

  • The Special Nature Reserve “Uvac“ is a protected natural asset of great importance, the first category natural asset. A major morphological feature of the reserve is the Uvac River canyon valley including the valleys of its tributaries. The special value of the canyon are curving meanders. The relative height of meander heads is 100m at places Griffon Vulture (Gyps fulvous) "Uvac" is distinguished as the habitat of 104 bird species. The most important of all is griffon vulture, one of the two vulture species that are still nesting in Serbia. The “Uvac" Special Nature Reserve is the only goosander nesting site in Serbia. It is also home to the largest population of this rare bird species in the Balkans. Clean, clear water in watercourses and accumulations presents an ideal habitat to 11 fish species, and some parts of it are natural reproduction areas of trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, chub, snip, and barbell

  • 14:00 Embarking on the boat and boat riding
  • 14:45 Walking tour, climb to the top of the hill with a wonderful view
  • 15:45 Lunch at the top of the hill
  • 17:00 Return to the boat
  • 18:00 Ride to the hotel “ZLATIBORSKA NOC”
  • 19:00 Accommodation, free time, dinner and overnight stay

Ambient of "Prsutara Zaric"

Picture of Prsutara Zaric

Uvac lake

Picture of Uvac lake


  • Breakfast
  • 09:00 Continuing the journey by visiting the Tara Mountain: Mitrovac (visiting the National Park management), Zaovine lake, Kaludjerske bare, the Derventa river canyon.
  • 15:30 Arrival at Perucac, boat cruise through the Drina canyon. Lunch with live music ( during the riding)

  • Perucac is a small town away from Bajina Basta on the right bank of the Drina River. Nearby is a large hydro dam, from where Drina Lake begins, 54 km long, with a magnificent canyon that stretches all the way to Visegrad. As you continue down the Drina River you will be delighted seeing that everything is close; you can just lower your hand to feel the freezing water below you and enjoy in the view of the rocky shores and dark forests. The sky can be seen high between the grey rocks of the canyon as a narrow pale blue stripe, often speckled with whole flock of eagles that tirelessly circle in the sun.

  • 18:00 Return to the hotel, free time
  • 20:30 Social dinner and overnight stay

Zaovine lake

Picture of Zaovine


  • Breakfast
  • 09:00 Resuming the journey by visiting the old village of Sirogojno

  • The construction of the open-air museum ''Old village'' Sirogojno started in 1979 and the museum was opened in 1992. The museum covers an area of 4.5 hectares and it is a unique monument of culture and history of a Zlatibor village. In an authentic way it represents the types of houses, craftsmen shops and other objects made of wood at the end of XIX century. Out of 46 objects in the Museum, 32 objects are within the museum exhibition, and 16 objects were given a new function (a shop, an inn, places for overnight stay, the open summer theatre stage etc.). Special attention in the museum programs is paid to the preservation and revival of old crafts. In the workshops of the museum copies of the museum exhibits are made and the crafts such as tub making, pottery, carpentry, weaving etc. are displayed.

  • 10:30 visiting Stopica cave
  • 11:30 Resuming the trip to the Visocka Banja, visiting the end of the Veliki Rzav canyon
  • 15:45 Lunch
  • 17:00 Resuming the journey to Belgrade (arrival at 20:00 at the chosen hotel)

Sirogojno old village

Picture of Sirogojno

Stopica cave

Picture of Stopica cave

The price of the excursion includes:

  • Bus or minivan transportation
  • two HB (overnight, breakfast and dinner) in the 4* hotel “ZLATIBORSKA NOC”
  • dried meat tasting at PRSUTARA ZARIC
  • boat cruises on the Uvac river
  • lunch at the top of the hill
  • boat cruise through the Drina canyon
  • lunch on the boat
  • ticket for Open-air museum SIROGOJNO-old village and “Stopica pecina”
  • lunch at Visocka Banja

RATE PER PERSON € 315 Single rooom Remarks
€ 275 Double room Duration time: two nights, three days,
Minimum pax: 10



The old, bohemian quarter of Belgrade, arose during the late 19th and early 20th century when its inns were the gathering place of the best known names in Belgrade. It is frequently compared to the Montmartre of Paris, both in appearance as well as the exuberant and dynamic artistic atmosphere.

This part of the city arose during the early 19th century, with Skadarska Street being named and the houses being numbered in 1872. Skadarlija was once home to many famous writers, actors, painters and journalists. Many famous local and international names “spent their best days there – during the night”. This ambient environment along with galleries, antique and souvenir shops was revitalized in 1968.

Program includes:

  • Walking to bohemian quarter from the meeting point,
  • Dinner at traditional restaurant where is served traditional and delicious dishes (drinks included too),
  • Live music during the evening and independent return to hotels
RATE PER PERSON € 38 Remarks


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