Full professional organization of all kinds of conferences, meŠµtings, team buildings and events

We are a full professional organizers of all kinds of conferences, meetings, team buildings and events.

We negotiate hotel rates and blocks, meals, transport and additional activities (spouse tours, entertainment or recreational events).

We can help you plan your project to perfection and develop a preliminary budget as well establish registration fees and discount policies, if applicable.

We choose the event location, venue (several, if possible) and format.

Our professional staff will send prospective attendees a second notice, including detailed information about the event and, if applicable, registration procedures.

Our team will prepare printed material, agenda or name badges, brochures, etc.

We are going on an inspection trip, especially if you are unfamiliar with the venue and /or location.

We make arrangements for audiovisual equipment, portable translation booth, 2-Person Whisper Cube Interpretation Booth

We compile a definitive attendance list several weeks before the event.

Our team could make any additional arrangements for attendees with disabilities or those wishing to arrive before the event or to stay on afterwards.

Our team carefully checks all the details and confirm all bookings.

We do finalize on-site registration procedures, if any.

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